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We know only too well how you have your hands full in handling your business day to day. Your website is just as important, as it provides you with an online presence to the outside world, and should not be taken for granted. Developing a website is the first hurdle; keeping it functioning well is the second. Here at WP Admin, we provide a range of services to help your website perform at optimum levels, at all times.


WP Updates

Updating the WordPress core, themes and plugins are necessary to combat security vulnerabilities. As WordPress is open-source and is used by a quarter of websites owners worldwide, this also attracts the attention of hackers who attack sites or insert malicious code.

Updates ensure that these vulnerabilities can be fixed as soon as they are identified, to have your website running efficiently and without errors.

By regularly updating your website can also enhance its runtime and fix any bugs which have been noted by plugin developers.


WordPress Backups

It is necessary to store a backup of your website, as it ensures that should an attack, a hack, or error occurs, you will always be able to restore your website to its most recent backup.

At WP Admin, we download a back-up of your website to your local server, which is then transported to Amazon’s Secure Cloud Storage, the most trusted data storage platform in the world. Each back-up lasts for 30 days.

If you require us to restore your website from a recent back-up, we can do this at no extra cost.


WordPress Security Monitoring

Monitoring your website for malware, actively logging all activity and changes which are continuously being made, as well as blacklist monitoring to see whether your website is being negatively flagged with a security issue is just some of the tasks which can be performed in bolstering website protection.

Once problems are identified, we can then discuss a way forward in removing these issues.

At additional cost, we can increase security to its utmost maximum in offering your website a Firewall to protect against suspicious behaviour, spam and malicious bot blocking, brute force attacks, DDos attacks which can cause significant downtime, as well as full log analysis and security traffic monitoring


WordPress Uptime Checks

Websites which go down are not good for business. It can prevent customers from contacting you, as they are unable to view your contact details, and you may lose business. If your online presence is compromised for a long period of time, it does not give people a professional view of the company.

At WP Admin, we perform uptime and downtime checks 24/7. If your website goes down, you will be notified by email. We can then discuss how to get your site back up and running.


Website Health Check

We are WordPress development experts, and we know what to look out for in the front-end and back-end of WordPress sites, such as errors which may be harming your online presence.

We can carry out daily, weekly or monthly website checks to see that everything is as it should be, and is ticking over correctly. Front-end problems we look for are broken links, typo errors and coding errors which cause problems when customers view your site.

Additionally, we also look at your online presence (how easily you are found online), and what you and your Developer may need to do to improve your site to increase security and maintain speed.

If we do find any problems we will notify you of these asap after the check, and will advise you how to correct them.


Site Repairs & Compatibility

As WordPress and its plugins are open-source, it’s not always easy to identify incompatibility issues until they arise. Whilst it is necessary to update the WordPress core, its themes and plugins, sometimes incompatibility issues do occur, and are not always straight-forward to fix.

WP Admin acknowledges that these problems happen from time to time, and can help carry out minor fixes, and any other minor WordPress fixes which last no more than a 20 minute increments at any one time, (5 fixes per month).


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I’ve been really happy with the services provided by WP Admin.

ABS Auto Repairs

Vehicle Maintenance Mechanics

There were some things I did not need so frequently, and WP Admin have been able to provide me with just the services I require, without everything else that I don’t.

Jason Darwin

Landscape Gardening Services

I built my website through a freelance web developer, but they only offered maintenance for 3 months after. WP Admin have really helped with security issues and minor fixes, leaving me to get on with my business.


Freelance Artist

Being a legal legal advisor and research analyst, I needed a service which continually monitored my website for security issues, so I could get on with further development. WP Admin have been great in handling everything in that respect, and I’m so glad they are also UK based.


Legal Advisors & Consultants

I’ve signed up to the Basic Plan, but the free website health check made me see exactly how I was able to improve my website in WordPress, so thank you WP Admin.

Harry Burns

Freelance Photographer